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Sustainable city and park design with hanit

Municipalities are responsible for a range of different tasks which take up a lot of time in city administration. These include planning and implementing various construction projects such as housing developments, playgrounds, roads, footpaths, bike lanes, and forest trails right through to maintenance of schools, swimming pools, parks, retirement homes, or cemeteries. In each case, public facilities and spaces must meet particularly high requirements in terms of stability, durability, and safety to be able to sustain regular, heavy use over a long period of time.

We are a reliable partner for municipalities and builder's yards and offer sturdy, low-maintenance solutions for city and park design with our recycled plastic products. High-quality products made of recycled plastic not only save on time-consuming repairs and high maintenance costs, they also save on resources and are long-lasting, making them a sustainable alternative. Whether it's time for new park benches, setting up a playground, or installing a trail through the forest, hanit products offer many advantages and save natural resources, making them the perfect choice for designing sustainable cities and communities.


hanit Urban planning of the future


Green and sustainable, together

More and more people are living in cities, so it's no wonder that they are now responsible for approx. 80 per cent of global energy consumption and 70% of CO2 emissions. Buildings, together with their use and transport systems account for a particularly large share of this. This also makes them vulnerable to the negative effects of urbanization such as pollution, traffic congestion, and gentrification. Cities play a pivotal role in protecting the environment and in the adaptive measures that need to be taken to respond to climate change. This is why it is so important that cities and municipalities become sustainable spaces to live, offering positive social, ecological and economical solutions for us and for the generations to come.

With this in mind, sustainable urban design is an increasingly relevant topic, making it all the more important for cities and municipalities to start preparing for changing conditions today and adopt sustainable urban planning. In particular, this includes measures to reduce CO2 emissions and to adapt to climate change. For example, green spaces in the inner city can reduce heat build-up in densely developed areas while helping to retain rainwater. A greener city offers even more advantages beyond the microclimatic effects, such as better air quality, noise prevention, support for biodiversity and, above all, better quality of life, by making the city a more pleasant place to be. Our product portfolio of smart recycled products offers a range of options for making cities greener and helps municipalities and cities design sustainable places for us to live.


Maintaining an atmosphere that fosters wellbeing

Year after year, municipalities and builder's yards face a lot of upkeep, because public spaces need to be clean, appealing, and safe. Upkeep spans from maintaining parks and playgrounds, repairing outdoor furniture and facilities in cities and parks or putting furniture into storage over winter if it's not weather-resistant. Benches, tables and other furniture in public spaces are usually subject to intense use, which means they have to be made of materials that are durable, safe and above all, resilient. In terms of sustainability, it also makes sense to use products that are easy to clean even when they are very dirty or that allow single components to be easily replaced if damaged. This doesn't just save money, it also saves resources and the environment.

Our recycled products offer smart, maintenance-free solutions for municipal needs, because the robust recycled plastic is weatherproof, rot-proof, and break-proof. This means that hanit products can easily withstand heavy use and tough environmental conditions over many years and permanently stay at their location, making regular maintenance and the high costs that come with it a thing of the past. It’s even easy to remove graffiti, ensuring a clean look for a long time to come. The material remains permanently splinter-free and is free of toxic and harmful substances under DIN EN 71-3 (European standard for toy safety). This means our products guarantee maximum safety in addition to an attractive appearance.

hanit Innovative urban design


Sustainability and product performance in perfect harmony

Closed-loop recycling plays an important part in sustainable city planning because it can save resources and reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Our products are made of recycled plastic, for environmentally-friendly and innovative solutions for sustainable urban design needs. hanit is 100% recycled plastic, 100% recyclable and offers numerous advantages compared conventional products made of wood, steel, or aluminum, both in terms of sustainability and performance. It saves resources, so that cities and municipalities can be designed sustainably today.

Our recycled plastic products represent the highest quality, safety and handle natural resources responsibly. That is one of the reasons why hanit has been awarded the Blue Angel since 2005. The Blue Angel is an eco-label introduced by the German government. This means that our products conform to very high environmental, health, and performance standards over their entire service life. Because recycled plastic is extremely resilient and durable – another important point in terms of sustainability, which for us starts with the quality of our products.

Our recycled product range for municipal supplies provides a huge range of options for various uses. We guarantee the utmost safety and provide a 20-year warranty on the majority of our products – for an all-round good feeling. If you can't find the right product for your project in our product range, we will gladly help you find a good solution. As experienced project partners, we have already taken many customers along the whole journey from an initial idea right up to a new product and we are always excited about new innovative approaches. Our sales team is happy to help you – by phone, e-mail, or in-person.


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Sustainable city and park design with hanit
Sustainable city and park design with hanit
Sustainable city and park design with hanit