hanit Biofilter raised flooring system


High-quality exhaust air cleaning

Our raised flooring system, made from hanit recycling plastic has been specially developed for use in biofilter systems. As a ventilation and inflow floor, our solution provides a long-lasting and cost-effective alternative to conventional models made from wood, steel, or concrete. Those materials cannot withstand the long-term effects of the warm and humid micro-climate and the strong chemicals found in biofilters. Damage cause by decomposition or corrosion is inevitable, meaning that efficient air circulation and environmentally friendly exhaust air cleaning can only be ensured if regular maintenance work is carried out. Sooner or later, the floor will also have to be replaced if conventional materials are used.

The chemical-resistant solution

hanit recycled plastic performs significantly better in the extreme conditions of biofilters because our robust material is resistant to chemicals, acids and micro-organisms. hanit also permanently withstands a prevailing operating temperature of 122 °F and humidity of 100%. The robust recycled plastic can also cope with high mechanical loads, meaning that that with the appropriate installation, our floors can be driven over by vehicles of up to 3 tonnes. Our hanit raised flooring system guarantees a high degree of air circulation capability and reliable and maintenance-free use over a long period. It is being used in many different areas such as in composting systems, sewage and wastewater treatment plants, and in the food and animal feed industry.

The hanit flooring system is quick and easy to install. The grating is simply fitted to the top of the supports, without any need for fasteners. The light weight of the components also makes installation easy to perform manually. If required, the system can be flexibly adapted to the on-site situation without issue, since hanit can be processed using normal commercial tools in a similar way to wood. For example, the height of the supports can be adapted to the slope of a concrete floor, and all conceivable filter dimensions and shapes can be achieved – even round filters are easy to implement.


Material characteristics of hanit

High load bearing capacity

High load bearing capacity

Resistant to acids, alkalis and oils

Resistant to acids, alkalis and oils





Continuous operating temperature of -4 to 122°F

Continuous operating temperature of -4 to 122 °F

Resistant to micro-organisms

Resistant to micro-organisms


Individual solutions from hanit

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Melbourne Water | Sewage treatment plant east | Melbourne Australia

Melbourne Water is a state-run authority which monitors and manages the majority of the bodies of water and water supplies in Melbourne, Australia. These include reservoirs, lakes, wetland areas, rivers, and the city's sewage and drainage systems. Wastewater treatment plant east is located in the suburbs in the south-east of the city and uses innovative processes for converting wastewater into class A recycled water. Approximately 330 million litres of sewage is treated every day in the plant, which represents almost half of the city’s sewage. The biofilter is the primary odor control system in the plant and treats 248,000 m3 per hour. The flow is divided among 5 biofilters, each with 6 cells with a media bed depth of 13.5 x 9.5 x 1.2 m.

The biofilter had to be replaced in 2017 because of extreme wear. As part of a tender, Bioaction, a specialized service provider for wastewater customers in the area of odor prevention was granted the order for redevelopment. Shortly afterwards, the company approached us to discuss the possibility of using hanit recycled plastic and involving HAHN Plastics in the project as a technically experienced partner. In addition to a significant amount of wear, other problems were also discovered during the initial assessment on site. It quickly became clear that the original construction had several deficits, including a significantly elevated biofilter floor. Another challenge was the fulfilment of the environmental regulations, which could only be achieved with optimum biofilter performance. For this reason, Melbourne Water considered extending the system by constructing a new 6-cell biofilter in order to increase the capacity.

During the planning phase, Bioaction carried out CFD modelling (Computational Fluid Dynamics) to simulate the use of hanit raised flooring system and the associated advantages thereof. The model showed that a floor structure with hanit would increase the effective surfaces of the media bed and would therefore lead to more even air distribution through the filter media. Following successful implementation of the project, the hanit floor proved to have another significant advantage. The capacity of the biofilter could be increased by 20% by using separate supports with different heights. This meant that the originally planned extension of the system was no longer needed, which saved customer, Melbourne Water a considerable amount of money.

The project was successfully completed in June 2017. Overall, the project was able to be implemented to the customer’s complete satisfaction, not only from a timing point of view but also because of the quick and easy installation, and financially, thanks to the capacity increase.

hanit Biofilter raised flooring system
hanit Biofilter raised flooring system
hanit Biofilter raised flooring system


Standard dimensions - special dimensions on request

Width: 19 ⅝"
Length: 39 ⅜"
Height: 3 ⅛"
Weight: 34,6 lbs

Diameter: 6”
Length: 11 ¹³∕₁₆" - 39 ⅜"
Weight: 6 - 20.9 lbs


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