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Item No.: 4200035
Product information Hanpave™

Hanpave is a high performance grid made from recycled polypropylene. Designed for car-parking, Hanpave can be filled with earth or gravel. The structure allows rainwater to pass through at a controlled rate and is SUD (Sustainable Urban Drainage) regulations compliant. Parking space delineators (fitted white caps) are available as an optional extra.

Detail selection Hanpave™
Color Black
Weight 1.1 lbs
Thickness 1 ⅝"
Width 13 ⅛"
Length 13 ⅛"
Required quantity 9 Pieces per 3' 3"
Sealed area 27%
Capacity 1.4 ft³ per 10 ft²
Load capacity 23.2 tons per ft²
Packaging unit 486 Pieces