Pasture Fence

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Item No.: 3700003
Product information Pasture Fence

Quality can be this convenient. This classic pasture fence is very easy to install: simply insert the crossbars into the recesses of the posts, lock each with a screw and you’re finished! In addition, the posts and boards are not only made of the hard-wearing, long-lasting hanit®, but they are also reinforced. A really tough fence. Corners and direction changes can be implemented by installing pasture fence connectors.

Detail selection Field post for 3 cross-bars
Color Brown
Weight 57.8 lbs
Width 3 ⅞"
Length 7' 6"
Depth 4 ⅜"
Reinforcement Material: steel tubing, zinc-coated, S235
Diameter: approx. 1 ⅝"
Wall thickness: approx. 1"